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Capitron Bank was founded on November 16, 2001 with 3 billion MNT worth of charter fund and 17 employees. 

                Our bank was recognized as the first bank to introduce electronic banking products to the market by the Central Bank of Mongolia which is directly in line with the foundation of our bank’s name. The name Capitron originates from the words “Capital” and “Electronic” merged and thus meaning to electronically manage funds.

                Today, Capitron Bank is operating commercial banking activities in Ulaanbaatar city, Erdenet, Darkhan, Dornogobi, Umnugobi, and Bayan-Ulgii provinces with a total of 40 branches and settlement centers.

                In the years 2015 and 2016, Capitron Bank made extensive changes to its organizational structure including its shareholder structure, board of directors and management team structure to create the right framework, improve its monitoring system, increase its share capital to ultimately improve bank competitiveness through making these reforms step by step.

                We have revised and defined the direction of the bank’s development strategy and with improving our management approach, we have expanded the scope of our operations while making progress on improving the quality of our increased product and service offerings. 

                As of June 30st 2018, the bank’s total assets has reached 652 billion MNT and Capitron Bank has surpassed all of the financial criteria defined from the Central Bank of Mongolia and is working with its increased financial capacity.

                Moving forward, we will continue to enhance our bank’s services, support projects, businesses and small to medium enterprises which positively impact our society, environment and economy as well as utilizing enhanced technological and innovative developments, introducing smart banking services, and focusing on the continued advancement of electronic banking products and services.

                Capitron Bank’s values include loyal customers, skilled employees, satisfied shareholders, sustainable development and green environment.

                We sincerely thank our clients and partners whom have put their trust in us and collaborated with us for years. We will further retain your trust and we will be your best choice of smart and dependable banking.

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