Our strategy


“To be a credible financial institution valued by our clients, internationally acknowledged, and operating amidst high productivity with the ability to adapt while offering leading services.”


“To be a successful financial institution leading others through smart service offerings, supporting business activities that are capable of producing real growth towards a better future for the Mongolian society.”


“Smart bank”

Smart bank meaning that we are not only a bank with modern technological foundations but one that promotes sustainable development; an intellectual bank.

Directions to support

Green economy, Mongolia’s sustainable development, national production industry, not only support more small to medium enterprises but also to implement ideas and projects that will increase the savings of Mongolian citizens and increase middle income families.


  • Loyal clients – Our clients are a measurement of our success and existence thus we must not only respectfully acknowledge customer feedback but foresee areas of development as it is a major priority to collaborate closely with our clients and improve our internal activities. For our clients that have put their trust in us, it is our duty to keep client information confidential. It is our everyday goal to ensure that our clients reach long term success with us and work towards establishing more loyal clients.
  • Skilled employees – Our skilled workforce is our primary resource and with their efforts, our clients are able to receive the services that they are interested in and need. To create a proficient workforce, providing training and development, treating everyone with dignity and maintaining employees content is the management team’s code that they stand by. Respecting and supporting one another, being responsible of their own duties but standing by each other as a team and work with integrity are the values that our employees honor. 
  • Satisfied shareholders – The main reason of our existence that allows us to be in this business environment is our shareholders. To keep all of our shareholders satisfied, we must be able to compete proficiently and profitably and it is our duty to always increase the value of investments made by our shareholders.  
  • Sustainable development and green environment – Our environment and sustainable development is what allows for our long term existence thus we will work towards being in the forefront leading others in corporate social responsibility. We will incorporate and support sustainable development, the development of Mongolian citizens, and green environment development through our daily operations and future work plans when supporting our clients and collaborating on projects. Through the day to day work that we do, we will avoid and not adhere to businesses and operations that bring negative social consequences and make a stand against operations that cause environment harm.
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