Sustainable Finance Program

Although Mongolia is a mining-driven economy, other important sectors include agriculture/livestock and associated products (cashmere, wool, meat); construction and real estate development; and transportation. A number of challenges associated with these sectors include air pollution, climate change and water scarcity, as well as a need for inclusive development. All these amounts to increasing pressure on business and the banking sector to consider ways to balance economic, environmental and social considerations. Therefore, Capitron bank actively engages in Sustainable development promotion and that is why all aspects of sustainable development and green economic growth are integrated into our strategy statements. Sustainable finance is an integral part of Capitron bank’s business operations, thus, the bank is fully compliant with “8 Core principles of Sustainable Finance”. These include: 

  • Protecting our natural environment - We will adopt an approach to protect and properly use soil, water, air, biodiversity and natural resources.
  • Respecting human rights - We will respect human rights and provide labor conditions that ensure human health, safety and equality.
  • Protecting our historic and cultural heritage - We will adopt an approach to protect our history, culture, traditions and, archaeological and paleontological heritage.
  • Promoting “green growth” - We will support and encourage renewable energy, energy-efficient solutions, clean production and any green initiatives.
  • Promoting financial inclusion - We will adopt an approach to develop and encourage products and services for social groups who have limited access to financial services including SMEs, female-headed families, elderly and disabled citizens.
  • Complying with a list of items prohibited to be financed - We will not finance a general list of businesses, products and services with environmental and social harm, or tolerate actions prohibited by international laws and the laws of Mongolia, and adopt an approach to promote best practices of ethics and company governance.
  • Promoting transparency and accountability - Within the laws of Mongolia, we will be responsible, open and transparent, and adopt an approach to support fair competition and not tolerate corruption.
  • Practice what we preach - We will implement these Sustainable Finance Principles in our own business operations and will seek to lead by example for the society, public, other business sectors and our clients.


Capitron bank has developed internal “Environmental and Social risk management policy” for managing and mitigating the environmental and social risks from projects we invest in or customers we lend to and suppliers we procure from. We take into account environmental and social risk assessments alongside the financial performance factors when making investment or lending decisions. We also provide responsible advisory services to our customers in order to minimize the potential negative impact to the environment and to the society. As an active member of the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Initiatives, we promote projects and campaigns that have positive impacts on the environment and the society, such as a tree plantation project, environment cleaning campaigns and fund-raising campaigns. An order to provide a healthy working environment to our employees, as well as to encourage them towards environmental and social responsibility, we have created an eco-friendly office which was nominated as one of the most convenient offices of Ulaanbaatar city in 2019. Capitron bank is dedicated to contribute establishing a national green financing mechanism, therefore, is actively involved in the working group of Mongolian Green Finance Corporation, which is a both public and private sector for creating a national financing vehicle (NFV) to overcome challenges and constraints for climate change mitigation. Moreover, as part of our dedications towards reducing air and soil pollution, we offer flexible and favorable term loans for financing eco-friendly cars and sanitary landfills to our customers. As a responsible financial institution, we promote financial inclusion by providing trainings on financial literacy (e.g., increasing their income, budgeting, prioritizing savings and starting their own businesses) to single mothers, female-headed households. Moreover, we offer less expensive funding options and discounted interest rates on business loans to women-led SMEs.


According to Capitron bank’s Credit Policy, we prioritize following businesses and economic sectors in terms of lending and investment decisions.

  • Women-led SMES;
  • Environmental and Social friendly production and services or Agriculture projects that promote green economy; 
  • Small and Medium enterprises 
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing, services and agricultural projects that substitutes export and import or projects that promote innovative technologies ;
  • Production and Service projects with socio-economic significance or the projects that create job; 
  • Small business loans to improve livelihood of the households;


According to Capitron Bank’s strategy of 2019-2022, the Bank will support green economic development and sustainable financing programs, with the aim of providing financial support to solve the pressing issues of the country.


  • Air pollution reduction
  • Soil pollution reduction
  • Renewable energy, energy efficient solutions, clean production and any green initiatives;
  • Social groups who have limited access to financial services including SMEs, female-headed families, elderly and disabled citizens;
  • Water conservation and wastewater recycling
  • Women-led SMEs;
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