The Board of Directors at Capitron Bank operates in compliance with and enforces the laws and regulations of Mongolia including the Company Law, the Banking Law, the Bank of Mongolia rules and guidelines, the Bank charter, the corporate governance code, BoD Operations Procedure and other applicable laws and regulations. In accordance with the Company Law, all Capitron Bank board members have been certified in Corporate Governance training. Conflict of interest and large summed transactions within Capitron Bank are monitored and permitted in congruence with Mongolian laws, Bank charter, and relevant regulations and guidelines. The salary and bonus of board members are approved by the Bank’s regular Shareholders Meeting in accordance with Article 29.2.9 of the Banking Law, 8.5.10 of the Bank charter, and Chapter 11 of the BoD Operations Procedure. The Board of Directors is comprised of the following members.

Audit committee

  • Chairperson Darkhanbaatar.Ts;
  • Member Munkhbileg.G;
  • Member Ganbold.T;

Risk management committee

  • Chairperson Munkhbileg.G;
  • Member Bat-Erdene.D;
  • Member Darkhanbaatar.Ts;

Human resources committee

  • Chairperson Munkhbileg.G;
  • Member Ganbold.T;
  • Member Ganchimeg.G;
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