Tugrik card

Choose from our Gold, Regular, Salary, Student, Monthly interest paid demand savings, Corporate, “Choose your own photo” cards depending on your needs.


Tugrik card benefits:

  • Protected from cash on hand risks
  • Make domestic internet purchase
  • Can open a credit line loan on the card
  • Possible to accumulate interest on card balance

Card interest and fees

  Gold Regular Salary Demand savings
Registration fee - - - -
Annual fee 30,000 MNT 3,000 MNT - 3,000 MNT
Required minimum balance 50,000 MNT 3,000 MNT 1,000 MNT 10,000 MNT
Sub-card annual fee 5,000 MNT 3,000 MNT - 5,000 MNT

Transfer fee

  Withdrawing cash Checking balance
Capitron bank branches No fees No fees
Capitron bank ATMs 100 MNT
Display: No fees
Receipt: 100 MNT
Trade and Development Bank branches 300 MNT 100 MNT
Trade and Development Bank ATMs 300 MNT 100 MNT
Member bank branches and ATM of Trade and Development Bank 300 MNT 100 MNT
Other banks 500 MNT 100 MNT
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