Message bank

Message bank service benefits:

  • All service provider clients can register with Message bank.
  • Sends information about all types of account transactions made.
  • Possible to register several accounts with Message bank services
  • Possible to set the minimum amount in a transfer made and the type of transfer to receive information.
  • Can receive information through email or phone messages.

Receiving message bank services:

  • You can visit any one of Capitron Bank’s branches and settlement centers to register with Message bank services.

Importance of message bank service:

  • Currently monitor account credits, debits and balance.
  • Reduce risks related to the loss of a payment card.
  • To prevent overcharging or double charging when making a payment through payment card.
  • Can receive account balance and the day’s currency exchange rates by messaging to the Bank’s special number 13-30-30.

Message bank service fees

  • Annual fees: no fees
  • Sending a request: Operator fees from the mobile service provider
  • Receiving information: 50MNT per transfer
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