Most Money

Register with Most Money services to receive all in one payment service utilizing your smart phone or the internet to make all types of payments without having to visit our bank branch and save time to monitor and manage all of you accounts.


Money transfer

Through the use of your smart phone, you can make not only money transfers between your accounts, interbank transfers but also make and receive transfers only using phone numbers and card numbers.


Using your smart phone you can make commercial purchases and purchase movie, theatre show tickets through the internet.

Bill Payments

Make monthly payments, such as electricity, cable, housing maintenance and management fees automatically. 

Recharging phone credits

Purchase mobile phone credits through service providers as well as international calling cards.

Government services

Make government service payments as well as Customs, Tax, Traffic tickets through your smart phone.

Cash deposits and withdrawals

Make cash deposits and withdrawals using your smart phone at banks that have registered with Most Money services as well ATMs.

To receive service right

You can make a request to attain “Most Money” services at any of our branches.


  Most money service fees
Service fees 3,000 MNT
Cash deposit 100 MNT
Cash withdrawal / Banks registered with the service, or ATM/ 300 MNT
Cash withdrawal / Capitron Bank's ATM/ 100 MNT
Money transfer
Intrabank  100 MNT
Interbank 100 MNT + Interbank fees
Other services
Purchase 100 MNT
Recharge phone credits 100 MNT
Bill payments /No fees at bank branch/ No fees
To check balance 50 MNT

To check last made transfers

50 MNT
Receive account statement Шимтгэлгүй
Transfer limits
One time transfer, cash amount 20,000,000 MNT
One day transfer, cash amount 20,000,000 MNT

“Most Money Merchant”  services

Most Money Merchant services is a payment/settlement service dedicated for private business owners to increase sales.

You can receive purchase payments through your mobile phone number or using the internet.

Most Money Merchant service benefits:

- Reduce risks related to handling cash on hand.

- Creating new channel of sales and attracting a new group of costumer.

- Monitoring sales revenue and expenses.
- For delivery services, it prevents from fake orders.
- To differentiate from similar businesses.
- Increase competition within the market.

To receive service rights

You can make a request to attain “Most Money Merchant” services at any of our branches.

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