Purchase loan

You can use “Purchase loan” to purchase electronic products, mobile phones, home furniture and automobiles from citizens and/or business that collaborate with Capitron Bank.

Household loan

If your household has steady income, you can apply for a loan utilizing the sum of your household income to solve your financial needs.

Secured Financial loan

The “Secured financial loan” can be obtained by securing your own assets of property and real estate as collateral for your business or consumer needs.

Smart student loan

If you and/or your children are currently studying at a foreign or domestic accredited university to receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree, we recommend our “Smart student loan” to finance tuition fees.

Salary loan

If you receive your salary through Capitron Bank, you can choose to obtain a “Salary loan”.

Deposit backed & Online loan

Автомашины зээл

Та шинэ болон хуучин автомашин худалдан авах гэж буй бол бид танд энэ үйлчилгээг санал болгож байна

Pension Loan

Pension Loan

Farmer loan

Farmer loan

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